Looking….. again

This morning I woke up, meaning I actually slept last night, feeling pretty good. That’s impressive considering I just lost my job due to my absenteeism. That also means I lost my insurance. But I knew it was coming. I missed three days in a row last week. Two days the week before that. I usually fight through the pain, the fog and the exhaustion to make it in but this flare, this flare was something else. I got my perscibtions filled and seen my doctor before my insurance expired so I should be good for a while.

Now to find a new job. This is always the hard part.

Photo courtesy of http://www.careerfoundation.com

Why did I leave my last job? Absenteeism is never a good answer. I really dont know what to say to this question. I want to say “I’m a harder worker. I’m a dedicated worker. I’m experienced and I can do the job. But sometimes I have debilitating pain. Sometimes I have an exhaustion that falls over me like a dark heavy blanket. Sometimes my brain loses it’s way in the fog that is fibromyalgia. But other than that you’ll see I’m a perfect fit for your company”.

Every job I take is a step down from the last. The same goes for the pay.

But I’m ok with it. I understand. Who wants to employe someone who might have a painful flare up in the middle of project or a busy week. I understand. I have to…. right?

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