Fatty fatty two by four

I have a fatty liver. What the heck is a fatty liver? I have a fatty gut, a fatty butt, a double chin, back fat and rubbing thighs. Now I have a fatty liver. Great. I’m also prediabetic. So I’m supposed to watch what I eat, exercise and limit my alcohol.

Photo courtesy of http://www.honorhealth.com

No Netflix and pizza 4 nights a week for this girl anymore. Beer… I’m gonna have a few beers. It may not be good for the liver and diabetes, but it does wonders for my soul.

Maybe this is just what I needed. A kick in the ass. I never wanted to just sit around and feel sorry for myself. I didnt want to become one of those people that one up your illnesses or problems. We all know that one person. Your car breaks down, their house caught on fire. You got stitches, they had a kidney removed. Well, I was becoming that person. So this is what i needed.

A kick in my fatty liver ass!

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